КГП на ПХВ “Северо-Казахстанский высший медицинский колледж” КГУ “УЗ акимата СКО”

In the context of distance learning, the following are distinguished:





- Methods of interaction of students and trainees with information and educational environment and among themselves (active and interactive);
- Methods of organization and implementation of educational activities, methods of broadcasting educational materials (case technology, TV technology, network technology);
Methods of stimulating educational activities (methods of developing interest and methods of developing responsibility);
- Methods of control and self-control (individual and group, reproductive and creative, synchronous and asynchronous).


The means of remote education are divided into training, means of delivery of educational materials, means of organization of communication, means of organization of joint work.
Training facilities include:
- Study books (hard copies on paper and electronic version of textbooks, teaching aids, handbooks, etc.);
- Web-based training manuals;
- Computer training systems in conventional and multimedia versions;
- Audio and video training and information materials;
- Laboratory distance workshops;
- Remote access simulators;
- Remote access databases and knowledge
- Electronic libraries with remote access;
- Training facilities based on expert training systems (EOS) and geographic information systems (GIS).


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