Social partnership

The most important means of improving the activities of the college in modern conditions is the strengthening and development of social partnership with local authorities and health institutions. To this end, joint work is carried out with organizations in the following areas: forecasting the training of qualified specialists, improving the relationship between the educational institution and the MA. Together with the Department of health, conferences, seminars and master classes are regularly held, which facilitate the exchange of experience and allow teachers to have timely information about changes in regulatory documents.

Heads and doctors of practical health care take part in the final certification of graduates, speak at the college to teachers, students of advanced training courses for secondary medical and pharmaceutical workers and students on the reform of the health care system, strengthening the role of primary health care and the formation of a healthy lifestyle, integrated management of childhood diseases.

Quality control training and assistance in the organization of the educational process is carried out by the head of the health Department of the North Kazakhstan region K. E. Saktaganov, deputy head of the health department of  M. K. Bapanova, deputy head of the department of health on primary health care, R. K. Ivanova, head of department of motherhood, childhood and primary health care N. P. Paketov, senior doctors, main specialists of the city and region.

Every year, the quality of training of graduates is monitored by the North Kazakhstan medical college and the social partner, the purpose of which is to determine the readiness of each graduate to professional activity.

Every year the сcollege holds a job fair with the participation of the first heads of medical organizations of the city and region. In the course of work, bilateral agreements on employment of graduates are concluded; issues of wages, issuance of lifting, provision of housing are considered. In order to check the working and living conditions of graduates, the сcollege administration conducts visits to the districts of the region. Meetings are held with the chief physicians, which address the issues of ensuring the protection of the rights and social guarantees of young professionals.

In order to further  improve the quality of training of specialists of secondary medical level, creating the most favorable conditions for training, strengthening cooperation, increasing mutual interest and responsibility of managers and teams of the medical сcollege and medical organizations, the health Department, according to the Order №. 490 of 11.09.2015, assigned to the сollege basic medical organizations. The contract to conduct professional and practical training was concluded with 22 medical and 2 pharmacy institutions.


1.     The MSE on the REA "regional Children's hospital»

2.     The MSE on the REA "Regional perinatal center»

3.     MSOE " Regional TB dispensary»

4.     The MSE on the REA "Regional center of emergency medical care»

5.     The MSE on the REA "1st city hospital»

6.     The MSE on the REA "Cardiology center»

7.     The MSE on the REA "Cityl hospital № 3»

8.     The MSE on the REA "Regional Children's dentistry»

9.     The MSE on the REA "City clinic № 1»

10.   The MSE on the REA "Cityl clinic № 2»

11.   The MSE on the REA "City clinic № 3»

12.   The MSE on the REA "Regional oncologic dispensary»

13.   The MSE on the REA "Regional dermatovenerologic dispensary»

14.   The MSE on the REA "Regional psychoneurological dispensary»

15.   The MSE on the REA "Akkaiynskiy CDH»

16.   The MSE on the REA "Kyzylzharsky CDH»

17.   The MSE on the REA "Esil CDH»

18.   The MSE on the REA "CDH district. M. Zhumabayev»

19.   The MSE on the REA "Zhambyl CDH»

20.   The MSE on the REA "Taiynshinsky CDH»

21.   The MSE on the REA  CDH district Shal-Akyn»

22.   LLP "Vitava»

23.   LLP " Interteach»