Educational and production activities

Educational and research activities

Educational and research activities

Objectives of training and research activities:

- ability to develop experimental research programs;

- ability to analyze and systematize the experimental data;

-  ability to objectively assess their own creative activities from the standpoint of inclusion in current scientific issues;

- formation of skills of research of theoretical aspects of the chosen problem;

- ability to argue their position on the results of comparative analysis of various theoretical approaches and experimental development;

Objectives of educational and research activities:

- teaching students the skills of independent research work;

- formation of creative thinking and the ability to publicly present the results of scientific research;

- promoting the publication of the results of students ' research activities.

Scientific and practical work included in the educational process contributes to the mastery of a certain amount of knowledge, skills and competencies. It contributes to the development of intellectual activity, General culture and encourages students to self-education, self-assertion, manifestation of professional erudition.

Now, the college has 15 subject circles. They are engaged in almost 40% of the student community. The work of the clubs promotes the spread of innovative educational technologies, the development of research work of teachers and students. The main forms of circle work in College is educational and research work and creativity of students. The main directions of ERWS are educational, extracurricular research work and organization of mass events.